It is quite possible to create a sarong from a fouta using the appropriate folding technique. Here's how:

- Unfold your fouta and lay it flat on a flat surface.

- Fold the fouta in half lengthwise, matching the two opposite edges.

- Fold the fouta in half again, this time widthwise.

- Place the folded fouta behind your back, making sure that the two ends cross at the front of your body.

- Bring the two ends of the scarf over your opposite shoulder, crossing them at the front of your body.

- Tie a knot with both ends over your shoulder, making sure the pareo fits snugly around your body.

And There you go ! You have transformed your fouta into an elegant and practical sarong. Now you can wear it to the beach, to the pool or even as a casual outfit on hot summer days.

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